City Design Services

LANDSCAPE CONCEPT  PLAN  (rough sketch)  

                 New or Existing Yard   –  $599

  • 2 1/2 hour home visit & yard assessment

  • answers to all your landscape questions
  • browse thru’ plant & landscape books & compile list of suitable plants
  • rough sketch of yard
  • access to follow-up information

Scan 1Sample  Concept  Plan





LANDSCAPE DESIGN   (detailed yard plan)

                        New Yard – $2,299               Existing Yard – $2,499

  • initial home visit & yard assessment
  • site measured & surveyor’s certificate requested
  • discussion of comprehensive landscape questionnaire
  • browse thru’ plant & landscape books & select plants
  • rough sketch of proposed plan
  • 2nd home visit to fine tune design drawn to scale
  • 3rd home visit for final presentation of professional landscape design drawn to scale
  • access to follow-up information

                                  Lrg Design Grid

 Sample Landscape Design


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