The CLASS SCHEDULE for AUTUMN 2020 is now set!

     In just 5 fun & lively classes you will:

  • learn the clever way to measure & draw your yard to scale
  • create a personalized list of shrubs, plants & perennials
  • save money by picking up dozens of money-saving ideas
  • save time by discovering low maintenance methods used by pros!
  • create a plan for your own paradise at the only class of its kind in Saskatoon!

 All classes now held exclusively ONLINE  –  Just  $349!   

                                                                         ($369 outside Saskatoon)    

    Start Dates:

           Mon. Sept. 28 – 10am – noon or 6:30 – 8:30pm

               Wed. Sept 30  – 10am – noon or 6:30 – 8:30pm

                    Sat. – Oct. 2  – 10am – noon


     Contact DENISE  @   (306) 244-0049   or   

                  visit to book your time.           

          Enroll Early – classes fill quickly!


                GARDENS Four Seasons         

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LANDSCAPE DESIGN CLASS – Detailed Description

Classes are for those with New or Existing Yards in cities or towns.  For anyone planning an Acreage,  I limit the size to the area just around the house – roughly 100’ from the foundation in all directions.

Participants choose their preferred day & time. Once started – the day & time is the same for the next few weeks. (ie: start date is Monday evening 6:30-8:30 – then your sessions will be held the same day & time)

Classes are held only ONLINE through the free ZOOM app in Spring & Autumn only. There are 5 sessions in total – each 2 hours long. The first 3 are held as a group (max. 6 people) with the last 2 sessions done on-on-one with Denise. Because not everyone can be accommodated in the same time slot for the last 2 sessions (one-on-one) – Denise tries to fit in whomever must have the same date & then works with everyone else’s schedule to allow a suitable date & time. You’ll find Denise very flexible in booking the last 2 sessions.

There is much more covered in the class than indicated below. Hardiness zones, pros & cons of specific plants, where & when to buy, etc. – all add to the value of partaking in this class! Plus there is a lot of interaction amongst other participants in the first 3 group sessions. This allows everyone to discuss & learn more. I keep the groups small to allow for this interaction as well as to give everyone a chance to ask questions specific to their yards.

Session #1 – Denise instructs you on how to measure & draw your yard to scale.

Session #2 – Photos of Trees & Shrubs that are prairie hardy will be looked at – allowing everyone to make up a custom list of favourites.

Session #3 – Photos of Perennials that are prairie hardy will be looked at – allowing everyone to make up a custom list of favourites.

Session #4 – One-on-One time with Denise when you plan your yard along with the Trees & Shrubs.

Session #5 – One-on-One time with Denise where you complete your yard along with Perennials & finishing touches (with the One-on-One sessions – Denise is there to answer questions & bounce ideas off for you & only YOU the entire time!)