Class Testimonials

Crystal Schnor – “Thanks for everything.  I found a new passion I never had before 🙂   can’t wait to start digging.”

Donna Coe – Turtleford, Sask. – “Denise you gave both Larry & I a vision & a plan for our acreage.  We are happy with the results & that we aren’t so overwhelmed by the prospect of landscaping our yard.  We love it & can hardly wait to get started in the spring!  Thanks again.  It was great working with you!”

Shauna Tilbury  liked “small class size, cozy location, one on one time.  Your class was exactly what I was looking for.  I feel I received exceptional value for my money.  Very nice working with you, Denise.”

Roberta Dubois – “It was fun!  Informative!  I know my yard much better.  I am looking attentively at other yards for ideas & things.  I liked the mix of the small group & then the individual sessions.”

Peggy Hasein – Biggar, Sask. – “Great class!  Learned a lot & really like the final result.  Now that I’ve got my plants in the right place I can just enjoy my yard.  Thanks Denise.  Even though there was some work involved, I really enjoyed the class.”

Connie Davis – “I learned so much about plants. I’m excited to get started! I really appreciated the one on one time. I knew nothing to start with but ended with enough knowledge & handouts to feel comfortable, even confident about landscaping my yard. Thanks Denise!”

Sharon Courtney liked best – “The input & welcoming approach to everyone. Thank you Denise, I thoroughly enjoyed this class!”

Trina Schmid – ” Denise, I can’t say enough how much the one-on-one time is appreciated. I don’t know that your advertising/marketing explains clearly what the process & end product is, however that might be a good thing because if everyone realized what they were getting for that price you would be SWAMPED! ……….. The class was fantastic. I can’t thank you enough for getting me started on an overwhelming task of starting……from scratch!”

Colleen Lyons liked best – “Denise’s passion & enthusiasm for our yard designs.”

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