What to Expect

CONCEPT PLAN – 2 to 3 meetings

Once we have booked an appointment I will send you a 2 page Questionnaire for you to fill out & return to me at least one day prior to our meeting.

When we meet, we’ll do a walk around your yard keeping our social distance in mind.  We will discuss the Questionniare & any other points you wish.  Then I will do a sketch of your entire property.  

After that we will meet online via an app called ZOOM (if you are not familiar with it – just download the free app online & I look after the rest.)

I usually plan for one or two ZOOM meetings to show you pictures of  Trees, Shrubs & Perennials from which we create your own customized plant list.  I will show you a proposed sketch of your plan & we’ll iron out all the details.  I include not only Plants but anything manmade – such as decks, pergolas, etc. as it is all part of a Design.

At this point I ask for payment (either cheque or E-transfer).   

In the end – you will receive a copy of the plan along with your plant list.  

Looking forward to working with you!



LANDSCAPE DESIGNS  – 3 to 4 meetings  

The Concept Plan is the first step in the Design Process … with a full Design, I take it one step further.

Once the rough pencil sketch is complete, I measure your yard in detail & take this information back to my drawing board.  Your property is then drawn to scale on grid paper.  It is very detailed, accurate to within one foot & shows placement of every tree, shrub & perennial as well as the amount of all plants required to complete the plan.

I then set up a second (& if needed a third) appointment on ZOOM to show you pictures of  Trees, Shrubs & Perennials from which I make up your own customized plant list.   You can see the yard drawn to scale & fine tune the details to your content.

At this point I ask for payment (either cheque or E-transfer). 

The  final ZOOM get together is to present the entire finished package to you.  If the Landscape Design is too large to email I will deliver a copy to your home.

An important benefit of the Design over the Concept Plan is that more time & thought is put into developing the best for your yard!

Looking forward to working with you!



       “I  feel my role as Designer is to listen to you first.   Then I take your ideas & come up with a plan that works for you.  I can certainly offer lots of ideas & thoughts but in the end your Landscape Design should reflect what YOU want – NOT what I want.   I can work with as little or as much input as you desire!  Aside from numerous benefits, having a yard plan makes your entire yard development much more manageable.  It definitely helps you decide where to start & then you can easily proceed in phases at your own speed – well worth the cost!”   
                                                                                                                                                                                         –  Denise Balcaen