Client Testimonials

July 2018 – Melissa & Tom Boehm – “It was great to work with you again Denise.  We feel that the design plan is a combined effort with your expertise & our input which gives us a great comfort level the overall design.  Thank you so much for the additional assistance even after the drawing was complete.

Chris Kelln – “The landscape design services provided by Denise are top-notch. She designs a yard with both the global vision and specific details in mind. She has a vast knowledge of horticulture and therefore chooses plants that are appropriate for the given climate and soil conditions. She effectively used our input to develop a design that far exceeded our expectations. Her final landscape plan is hand drawn and exceptionally detailed, which I feel provides a better and truer picture of landscape than a digitally rendered drawing. I would encourage anyone developing or altering their yards to use Gardens Four Seasons design services.”

Crystal & Chris Evanisky – “WOW!  I wasn’t expecting so much detail from the concept plan, so what we ended up with way exceeded our expectations.  this is a yard from heaven!!   It included everything we wanted in our yard, in a design that’s functional & that will last throughout the changes of our life.  Great job.  Many thanks!”  

Kyla Earle & Jeff Warner – “Jeff & I were very satisfied.  We have already begun to implement things & we feel more confident in our approach.  I feel as though I have some control over the area rather than it having control over me!”   

Toss & Karen Hussain – “You were very helpful for us who have limited knowledge in landscaping.”   

Terry Sukut – “You made planning my yard easy, impressed with how quickly you could place my plants.  After you left I felt very inspired to get to work on my yard knowing what the end result would be.  Your ideas were good & made sense!” 

Vangie Cooper – “I was so lost…you helped me see the big picture.  Denise, you are a lifesaver…Thank you for helping us plan the yard of our dreams.” 

Susan Carney – “Thank you Denise for your consultation.  I appreciated your contact, promptness, ideas & the plan.  I also appreciate your website.  Now I have to take it to the next step!  Thanks again”  

Ashley & Anthony Wenzel – “We are excited to get our landscaping started because we can see a “yard” now rather than just an empty space.  Something to work towards rather than being lost.  We appreciated your help as well as your honesty.  You can tell you are passionate about your work!!”  

Pat & Bob Barkman – “You were very knowledgeable but considered our likes & dislikes.”   

Elizabeth Nickel – “You were extremely good to work with – a clear picture of how to proceed.  Thanks also for your good ideas.”   

Paul Whitenect & Andrea Duncan – “Excellent session – thanks for the concept plan & working with us so patiently.”  

Cynthia & Jason Ratzlaff – “The design reflected the vision that we had for our yard; to-scale drawing makes it easy to see/visualize – master plan for our dream yard.”

Dale Pickett – “Fresh ideas & good info. re: appropriate planting for our environment; picture books were very helpful. A good amount of time was taken to really look at the ‘big picture’ so as to compliment the entire property; excellent resource especially for a beginner gardener; great sharing of ideas; Denise – you are very personable & a pleasure to work with – you made me feel very comfortable, even though I know nothing about landscaping. Also, being able to follow-up with you after our visit is & will be helpful as questions arise over time.” 

Terry & Phil Richards – “You did a great job! We will definitely call on you again when we build our retirement bungalow! Thanks!”

Jocelyn Ottenbreit – “Lots of ideas – you listened to what I was looking for & incorporated it in the plan.” “Lots of ideas – you listened to what I was looking for & incorporated it in the plan.” 

Katherine Stevenson –“Informal but professional, really listened, love the design!  Can’t wait to get to work on the plan you provided – wonderful!”

Veronica Brodziak – “Lessened my anxiety to get started & a great help in choosing trees & shrubs.” 

Pat & Dave Katz – “Clear direction, reassurance about design, plant suggestions. Denise – Thanks for helping us think through our options. Your questions & suggestions have led to a lovely enhancement of our garden. We’re really enjoying the new pond & waterfall.” 

Murray Hinds – “Personal & prompt service. Great ideas! Thanks for your help Denise.” 

Susan Livingstone – “I had a plan in my head; I needed a second opinion & professional suggestions, advice, etc. I got that & more. I wanted diagonals, so thank you for not insisting on curves instead! Your professional input is greatly appreciated as is your creative & flexible spirit.” 

Cam & Dorothy Harder – “Reliability, integrity, good knowledge of plants, promptness, thorough, imaginative.” 

Jim & Lila Schick – “Professionalism, knowledge of all plants. We felt that you were easy to work with, you understood what we were looking for in the whole concept. Thank you for your help.” 

Carol Metanczuk – “You are very knowledgeable, and did exactly what you said you would, a great landscape plan! Thanks Denise! I can’t wait to put my plan into reality!” 

Tamara King – “I enjoy my yard & it’s appearance so much more once everything’s done. I could sit with you for HOURS Denise & never get bored! This yard is so big, I look forward to your help for the rest! Thanks for everything!” 

 Bill Johnson & Karen Lloyd – “We came away with a plan we’re thrilled with & felt good about the process. We had no idea what to expect, but were very happy with the results of the process……Thank you!” 

Pat Friesen – “A good working plan, beneficial purchasing times & locations, ways to cut costs & hardy plant knowledge. I just really appreciate you cautioning me against certain varieties for the various reasons. I liked your creative flare & passion for what you do. Thank you again, & I appreciate all the time & care you took ….”

Rene Malan – “You have successfully cleared my ‘design’ problems for me. Thank you so much for all your advise & your knowledge that you have shared with me” 

Bob & Cathy Randell –You were very approachable & showed a genuine interest in our input. It was the best landscaping hour ever spent.” 

Diane & Todd Gibb – “A more organized garden & more knowledgeable about the perennials we will be planting. Like the look of the rounded corner on the bed nearest the veranda. Thanks.” 

Ray & Irene Jaspar – “Helping us take an impossible task to a possible one with knowledge & creativity.”

Lloyd & Cheryl Labas – “We have a nicely landscaped yard which we would never have been able to do ourselves. Thank you for your time & professional advice.” 

Joelle Ward –“Helping something overwhelming become ‘do-able’!   It was very much a ‘team’ approach. Our needs/wants/vision was very much considered and turned into something much more beautiful than we would have been able to do on our own. Thank you!”

Tamara King – “I enjoy my yard & it’s appearance so much more once everything’s done. I could sit with your for hours Denise & never get bored! This yard is so big I look forward to your help for the rest! Thanks for everything!”  

Dean Kleiter – “You know your plants. I was looking for someone with experience to tell me what to do. You are quick & to the point. Return calls promptly & made yourself available. I like the professionalism you bring onto the job site. You are able to grab yard & run with it. GREAT.”

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